Action 28


Local equestrian rights of way and public access - Local Authorities (LAs) to consider the Industry's needs and to advertise and promote successful initiatives. Horse Industry to contribute more effectively to local rights of way and planning processes and resulting Local Transport Plans


Equestrian Access Forum (Mark Weston as convener) and Local Access Forums (LAFs)

Current Position

Fragmented situation with some LAs providing excellent liaison and some providing none. Riders interests are generally represented on LAFs, but this is not universal, and not all LAFs are operating at the same level of effectiveness

Desired Outcome

Local Authorities to be aware of the Horse Industry's needs and make adequate provision for horse riders to be included in Rights of Way Improvement Plans, which are properly implemented

Action in progress and next steps

Horse Industry to engage with and extend relationships with LAs on access issues, through national level discussions with LGA, and more local level action through LAFs as they work on the development of Rights of Way Improvement Plans which need to be in place by 2007

Members of the EAF will be meeting with the LGA to discuss how local authorities can adopt a multi-user policy in respect of all paths, integrate their transport policies with neighbouring authorities and ensure equal provision of safe routes for all vulnerable users.

Defra undertook further discussions with the Natural England and the LGA to identify best practice in the work of LAFs. As a result Defra issued revised Guidance on the work of LAFs, to support and develop their advisory role in terms of improving access to land for the purposes of open-air recreation and enjoyment of the area in February 2007.


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