Action 26


Achieve greater cooperation amongst existing access organisations - Develop an agreed structure within the Industry in order to coordinate access interests, achieve greater cooperation amongst access bodies and ensure that knowledge and skills are marshalled to best effect


Equestrian Access Forum (Mark Weston as convener) to lead, in conjunction with other access interests within the Industry

Current Position

Many disparate organisations all working towards increasing access but with little communication or coordinated working

Desired Outcome

The Industry should have a well resourced and supported single body which is representative of all interested parties

Action in progress and next steps

EThe questrian Access Forum was created, to increase engagement between existing access groups. This Forum will work together to secure sufficient resources and support to promote access issues on behalf of all riders and drivers. It consists of the British Horse Society, British Driving Association, Endurance GB, Mendip Cross Trails Trust, The National Federation of Bridleways Association, and the South Pennine Packhorse Trails Trust.

The vision for England will be published in summer 2007, with Wales following in late 2007.

Defra officials have been invited and attend Forum meetings.


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