Action 47


Recognition of quality mares - Determine agreed criteria as to what qualifies a mare (other than racing thoroughbred mares) to be rated 'Premium'.

Initiate a Premium Mare Designation. Establish Premium Mare evaluation programmes


The lead bodies

Current Position

All the necessary elements are in place. All that is required is leadership and a willingness to co-operate. Organisations will be required to 'give a little of their empires whilst retaining full sovereignty'

Desired Outcome

Members of the Horse Industry are clear as to the criteria lying behind the definitions and are persuaded to use such rated animals as the first choice

Action in progress and next steps

British Breeding recognises Elite Mares as those scoring over 80% in its Futurity Young Horse Evaluations. Other definitions are almost certainly in place with other studbooks and grading organisations and these should be considered through the Lead Body mechanism

Premium mare status to be established as above

A Premium mare evaluation programme is to be arranged.

British Breeding continues to direct research to develop EBVs to determine heritability of performance traits in breeding stock to further this objective


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